Website maintenance -System-space can assist you in maintaining your website and making all required regular changes for you to keep and look your site fresh and problem-free. We can work on variety of websites with CMS. These can be anything from Content Management (CMS) websites including WordPress or Shopify websites, through to static html websites.This frees up your valuable time to focus on what you are best at and allows us to help you in ensuring your website is doing optimum job in bringing more buisness for you.

Website design/maintenance rates vary based on the number of hours required

To give you the best price we can Systemspace uses a sliding scale pricing system, the more hour we do for you, lower hourly rate we charge. These hours can be over period of month or on a set of contact time frame.

Hours 1 2 to 4 5 to 10 11 to 14 15 to 19 20+
Charge per hour $59 $52 $45 $35 $25 $20

All rates are including gst and charged on every 30 minutes interval

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