How do I activate/install an SSL certificate?

How do I activate/install an SSL certificate?-After purchasing ssl certificate next step is activation. To do this,  you’ll first need to have a CSR code generated on your server by your hosting provider. Note the following tips before you begin:-

Most Important: Generally, a dedicated IP address is required for SSL installation. However, if you have SNI technology available on your server, you can install your SSL certificate on a shared IP address. Check SNI availability for your hostname with your hosting provider prior to SSL certificate activation to avoid any of the known issues that may occur with this type of SSL certificate installation.

Be sure to locate and save the RSA private key that will arrive with your CSR code, as it will be required for the installation. It will not be possible to install the certificate without this code.

Ask your hosting company to advise you on the server type (software your server is using for CSR generation) for your hostname. This will be useful information to have during installation.

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How do I activate/install an SSL certificate?

NotePlease make sure that your hosting provider supports third-party SSL certificates!

If you are using SystemSpace hosting services, please comment this article for help.

Note: If you need to activate the renewal certificate, it should be done from the Domain list. The SSL certificates list contains only the certificates which are not assigned to any domain name yet. Since the renewal certificates are linked to the domain names.

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